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Meaning community in Tonga. The Nyawa United project is all about Buleya. Together we are building and sustaining a vibrant movement for girls and women through sports, health and educational programmes within the Nyawa community.  


The establishment of the community center with a library will be a valuable resource in the effort to educate more women in Zambia. Due to factors such as early marriages, teenage pregnancies, socio-economic challenges, and educational system priorities, there is a higher number of illiterate women in the country. Access to literacy skills is a fundamental human right that can empower women to play a more active role in society and achieve financial independence. The library will serve as a crucial tool in providing women with the opportunity to learn how to read and write, ultimately enabling them to contribute more fully to their communities and improve their own livelihoods.


Libraries play an important role in the dissemination of knowledge. Availability of information resources can often mean the difference between poverty and prosperity, particularly in underdeveloped Zambian communities. 

Most of the libraries are located in the urban areas in Zambia, leaving out the majority of the population living in rural areas. We want to do something about that! 

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